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Google Drive now lets you view Google+ photos


Google Drive Photos

Google has enabled viewing of your uploaded Google+ photos and videos on its Google Drive cloud storage solution.

For a while now, Google+ has enabled you to upload your Android and iOS photos to the cloud. Google's social networking service also contains some excellent quick photo editing tools, as well as an effective auto-enhance setting.

The trouble with the Google+ service's photo tools, however, has always been Google+. For many people, accessing their photos and videos is the only reason to boot up the deserted social network.

At least on Android there's the dedicated Google Photos app, but on iOS and on the web Google+ is the only way to access your uploaded Google photos.

Now Google has rectified that by allowing you to access your uploaded photos through the Google Drive app. It's part of Google's overarching initiative to break up its sprawling and under-utilised social network into more manageable – and more useful – chunks.

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To view your photos on Google Drive, just open up the app and bring up the side menu. You'll notice a new Google Photos option near the top, along with the familiar Google Photos logo.

We did notice that our old Google photos weren't showing up at the time of writing, but Google clarifies that "You’ll start seeing your photos in Drive today — immediately if they’re new, and a few weeks for your entire library."

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