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Google Chromecast UK release date teased by job listing

Luke Johnson


Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast

A Google Chromecast UK release date could soon be on the cards, as the media streaming device is teased for a global rollout by a new Google job listing.

Currently available exclusively in the US, the compact, HDMI based TV dongle looks set to receive a wider launch, as the California-based company seeks a new International Product Manager to “drive the end-to-end Chromecast product experience for countries around the globe.”

According to the listing, Google is searching for a “Product Manager who is passionate about launching consumer products in international markets.”

The job description adds: “This individual will be responsible for defining and driving the end-to-end Chromecast product experience for countries around the globe. [They] will be working closely with the Chromecast hardware, software, content, and operations teams to define international product requirements and successfully managing the launches.”

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A Wi-Fi connected dongle, the Google Chromecast is capable of turning any HDMI port packing TV into a Smart TV, with the device’s Android foundations allowing users to download and run a selection of Chromecast apps, including the likes of Netflix.

A rival to the likes of Apple TV and Roku’s connected TV services, the Google Chromecast currently costs just $35 (£21.50) in the US.

Google has yet to offer any formal indication as to when a Google Chromecast UK release date will be held or indeed how much the device will cost if it makes its way to our humble lands.

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Via: GizmodoUK


February 6, 2014, 10:45 am

how close to £35 will it be priced? Why do the Americans always get stuff at nearly half price when they already have a better standard of living/pay than us here in Blighty?


February 6, 2014, 2:01 pm

Picked up one from the States and it does the job pretty well and is very reasonably priced, but... it doesnt' actually get much use. It's no substitute for even a basic HTPC and overlaps with PS4, Xbox One and Smart TV stuff for Netflix, Youtube, etc. It's best use seems to be for a kitchen or bedroom TV where you don't have those things hooked up. Even there, I have my laptop... I think for the technically minded this will be a solution looking for a problem.


February 6, 2014, 5:04 pm

VAT accounts for most of it.

In US, all online costs are without any sales tax included, while all UK costs are including VAT, so by comparison it looks far greater in the UK.

Companies also like to round up slightly and include things such as non-native currency business expenses (hedging currencies between Google Ireland and Google Inc)

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