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Google brings 60fps to YouTube iOS and Android apps



Google has added 60fps playback capabilities to the YouTube app on both iOS and Android.

It's no possible to watch compatible YouTube video content on your smartphone at the noticeably smoother 60fps frame rate.

The company has been pushing high frame rate (HFR) video on its leading video service for the past year. Back in June 2014, we saw the first 60fps videos appearing on YouTube, starting with a trailer for the Battlefield: Hardline video game.

Then, in October of last year, Google added the ability for any YouTube user to upload 60fps videos. Again, this was positioned as ideal for showing off video game content at 60fps, which is widely seen as the optimal frame rate for smooth gameplay (though few games manage to achieve it consistently).

Another major step in this 60fps crusade game back in March of this year, when YouTube gained the ability to stream 4K videos at the higher frame rate.

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Despite all this, today's news is perhaps the biggest of the lot. More and more people watch YouTube content on their smartphones rather than at home on their computers.

Perhaps fittingly, Google announced the news with a brief statement, "HFR FTW! High frame rate playback is available on the YouTube App for both Android and iOS," and a link to a user-created 60fps video about Far Cry 4.

Check out some of the best phones to experience this 60fps video content on in the video below.

Alex Mason

July 1, 2015, 8:51 am

I've seen a few 60 FPS videos on YT now and in the same way "The Hobbit" didn't work in 48 FPS, this doesn't work either IMO. It looks odd. It reminds me of watching soaps.

CDN Software Solutions

July 13, 2015, 8:29 am

You mean to say that Google should do improvements in the both apps?

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