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Google and Levi's confirm pricing for Project Jacquard smart jacket

Luke Johnson


Project Jacquard Levis smart jacket

Wearable tech is about more than strapping a watch to your wrist and squishing your face into a VR headset.

Google and Levi’s have teamed up to weave wearable technology directly into the clothes on your back, too.

First up from the Project Jacquard partnership is a smart jacket dubbed the Levi’s Commuter.

Despite having first teased the tech back in 2015, the jeans giant and tech behemoth have now finally confirmed not only when the smart jacket will drop, but how much it will set wannabe owners back.

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Google Levis

The good news is that having been so long in the works, the Commuter jacket will finally launch this year. The bad news, is that it’s not coming cheap.

Set to hit retailers’ shelves in ‘the fall’, Google and Levi’s have confirmed that wannabe owners will have to fork out $350 (£288) for the smart garment.

The launch plans and pricing were confirmed over the weekend during South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Rather that wiring a pair of headphones into the hood or squeezing a screen unnecessarily into the chest, the Commuter offers far more seamless tech integration.

The cuff of the jacket features touch and gesture sensitive sensors woven directly into the fabric. These allow wearers to adjust music volumes, get directions and answer calls without having to take their synced smartphone from their pockets.

Importantly, too, instead of looking like a garish gadget, this is wearable tech that you’d actually want to wear, with the Commuter sporting a currently, slim fit finish that’s classically stylish.

Although not exactly cheap, the Commuter will still be more affordable than strapping a shiny new Apple Watch to your arm. You’re unlikely to grow out of your Apple Watch with a few too many cakes though.

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Would you wear clothes with tech woven into the fabric? Let us know below.

Hamish Campbell

March 13, 2017, 8:23 am

That looks suspiciously like a clip on armband for gesture control to your phone. Does it actually do anything else?

Sort of thing you could ask a 12 year old class to poke holes in the idea, and they would come up with a good number of reasons not to make this.


March 13, 2017, 12:24 pm

looks like someone stole it from a shop as it has the electronic tag still attached to the cuff.
what a load of crap. pointless invention. voice control will make this obsolete.


March 13, 2017, 7:50 pm

Many of these applications of tech woven in cloth are transient novelties.
I've always been lukewarm about it all.
But Then;
I saw the current edition of Click last Saturday.
Aids for Parkinsons sufferers built into shoes and alarms incorporated into shoe soles amongst other ideas.
I stand corrected.
I wouldn't want this jacket though. Not even for half this price.

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