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Gmail Gets A New Look

David Gilbert


Gmail New Look 5

Back in July Google announced new looks across all its online portals including calendars, documents and mail but it's only now that Google has rolled out the new-look Gmail to everyone.

The new-look Gmail has been rolled out around the world in the past 24 hours and we’ve been having a look at some of the new features this morning. While the changes aren’t apparent immediately when you click the little button to switch, once you go a little deeper the differences become very apparent.

Gmail conversations

Gmail New Look 2

One of the main changes is in the conversation view, which has been redesigned "in order to help you read through your email threads." When you click on a thread, you’ll now see profile pictures of your contacts and a lot of the clutter has been stripped away, which is certainly a welcome development.


Gmail New Look 3

A new settings button on the top right of the page allows you to quickly change the density of the emails which you view at any one time from “comfortable” to “compact”. This is a nice change, meaning you don’t have to go into the main settings menu all the time.

Themes have also been given a tweak with new HD images now provided by iStockphoto. Again this can be easily accessed via the new settings button.


Gmail New Look 1

The navigation panel on the right has been given an overhaul too and allows you to dynamically alter how much of your labels and/or chat you see at any one time. More importantly for us however is the ability to now hide your chat contacts completely via a tab below your contacts.


Gmail New Look 4

The “Search the web” button has been removed in the new look, and there are some people for which this will be a step backwards. However Google has updated the Gmail search and via a dropdown menu a more advanced search panel appears. One of the nicest features means that you will be able to create a filter from any search you carry out with just a couple of clicks.

Overall the new look is certainly an advance in terms of features and functions but whether it is an improvement aesthetically will be a personal thing. Let us know in the comments below what you thing of the new Gmail.

Source: The Official Google Blog


November 2, 2011, 5:38 pm

Aesthetically, I think google is behind the times. There are virtually no graphic elements on any of their sites now, and I really don't understand why all the icons on gmail, docs etc are now black and white only. Makes it much harder to use at a glance.

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