Ghost of Tsushima release date, trailers and latest news

Sucker Punch, the developer behind Infamous and Sly Cooper, has announced a brand-new IP: Ghost of Tsushima. The game was unveiled with a bombastic and hard-hitting trailer.

Little is currently known beyond the trailer, but Trusted Reviews has rounded up all the latest news and will be updating this page as more info drops!

Ghost of Tsushima – What is it?

Ghost of Tsushima is is set in Tsushima, Japan. You play as a samurai, but the trailer gave very little away in terms of what we’ll actually be doing

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Ghost of Tsushima Story – What’s it about?

While the trailer revealed precious little, the description of the video revealed plenty more about the game:

“The year is 1274. Samurai warriors are the legendary defenders of Japan–until the fearsome Mongol Empire invades the island of Tsushima, wreaking havoc and conquering the local population. As one of the last surviving samurai, you rise from the ashes to fight back. But, honorable tactics won’t lead you to victory. You must move beyond your samurai traditions to forge a new way of fighting–the way of the Ghost–as you wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Japan.”

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Ghost of Tsushima

There’s no doubt we’ll find out much more about the story and its lead characters as we get closer to launch.

Ghost of Tsushima release date – When’s it out?

Sucker Punch didn’t reveal any sort of release date information during the announce trailer, not even a vague year, which suggests this is still a significant way’s away from launch.

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Ghost of Tsushima

The trailer suggests this title is still early in development, so don’t expect to see the game in 2018.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay – What can we expect?

We literally saw but a few seconds of gameplay within the announce trailer, but this showed our hero samurai leaping from a high spot and assassinating an enemy, suggesting that stealth will play a key role in the game. Couple this with the plot synopsis and title focusing on “Ghost” and we are very much looking at a stealth action samurai title, which sounds incredibly exciting.

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Ghost of Tsushima

We also saw him engaging in combat with an enemy on horseback, meaning for those looking to scratch more of an action itch should be in for a treat also.

A post from Nate Fox, game director at Sucker Punch Studios, on the PlayStation Blog revealed plenty more information about the game. Here’s some of the key pieces of info:

  • Ghost of Tsushima is described as a “sprawling samurai open-world game”.
  • The debut trailer was created using the in-game engine.
  • You play a samurai taking on members of the Mongol empire.
  • Jin is the name of the lead character, while Khan is the name of the other voice-acted Mongol leader.

Ghost of Tsushima Trailer – How’s it look?

Sucker Punch opened with an incredibly impressive announce trailer, which gave a very brief tease of what we can expect from the gameplay aspect of the title.

Fans of the classic Tenchu series should be in for a treat.

Take a look at the trailer below:

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