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Get Doom for just £24 in the Steam Summer Sale



Pick up one of the best shooters of 2016 for just £23.99 on PC for a limited time.

Id Software knocked it out of park with its 2016 reboot of Doom, a title so many of us never expected to be this bloody, brutal and brilliant.

As part of the Steam Summer Sale it is now 40% off its regular price alongside a number of other titles.

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In our review we scored Bethesda’s latest shooter an impressive 8/10, describing it as:

“This is the Doom you’ve been waiting for, packed with gruesome, unrelenting action, gore and one of the finest monster menageries in gaming. The reliance on staged arena battles makes for a slightly repetitive campaign, but it’s enormous fun in its own brutal way. Throw in a set of solid multiplayer modes and the intriguing SnapMap option, and you have a Doom that’s good enough to restore your faith.”

Be sure to check out our Steam Summer sale page for more information on the latest deals and bargains.

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June 26, 2016, 11:25 am

They also have the first level of the game playable for free as Demo on Steam.

I tried it, and while it is not bad, it does not feel right for some reason. Maybe its the "console" feel it has, aiming is weird, maybe autoaiming messing with it, and its also too simplified in a way.

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