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Get 50% off Google Chromecast Audio – now just £15


Chromecast Audio setup

If your speakers are old, there’s no need to be jealous of your Sonos-wielding mates. Google’s Chromecast Audio is the answer – and it’s cheaper than ever.

The Chromecast Audio has been discounted to just £15 – that’s a saving of 50%. You can snag the deal over at Currys PC World, which beats the Google Store price of £30.

Buy Now: Google Chromecast Audio at Currys for £15

Chromecast Audio 5

The Google Chromecast Audio turns almost any speaker into a smart sound system. Plugging it in via a 3.5mm audio jack lets you cast music to the speaker using your phone, streaming the audio over Wi-Fi.

With multiple Chromecast Audio devices you can even create a multiroom sound system that works like a Sonos multiroom system.

Chromecast Audio 7

Don’t let the Google branding fool you either; the Chromecast Audio is compatible with iOS, Windows, OS X and, of course, Android.

In our review, the Google Chromecast Audio scored 8/10. We praised the device for its easy setup process, compatibility with a wide range of speakers, simple app, and strong third-party service support.

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May 6, 2016, 9:37 am

I have 4 of these now. At £15 they're a steal. The multi-room setup is amazing - no lag or audible dropped packets. Absolutely perfect.
The audio quality is really good too. If I'm not listening to CDs I'll mainly stream 256kbps MP3 through my Marantz amp and Mordaunt Short Mezzo speakers; there's no noticeable difference between directly attached or streaming. Yet to test with FLAC, but most of my library is MP3 currently.

The Cast app allows streaming from most apps on my phone or computer or even directly from my NAS.

There's only one feature missing as far as I'm concerned, and that's an audio input that would allow streaming from a locally attached player to the other Chromecasts on the network.

Seriously cannot say enough good things about these. The USB power cable is a good length, but the 3.5mm audio lead is very short. Takes 2 minutes to setup.

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