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Garmin offering free live Digital Traffic updates for new Nuvi sat-nav range

Sam Loveridge


Garmin nuvi 3597 LMT with Digital Traffic
Garmin nuvi 3597 LMT with Digital Traffic

Garmin will be offering free live traffic updates in the new range of Garmin nuvi sat-navs called Digital Traffic.

The service is subscription-free and allows users to receive more accurate travel information via DAB signals without an internet connection.

Digital Traffic is available on the new Garmin nuvi Advanced and Premium series sat-navs and allows users to access the best route for their journey, depending on the traffic issues ahead. New voice integration will alert drivers of any traffic jams or accidents up ahead that could cause delays and allows the Garmin nuvi to recommend an alternative route.

Traffic information is updated every minute courtesy of INRIX, the world's largest traffic intelligence network, so users are constantly kept updated with any issues affecting their journey plans.

The new Garmin nuvi Advanced and Premium ranges with a lifetime of free minute-by-minute traffic updates are exclusively available from Halfords.

“As the UK’s number 1 sat-nav retailer we have seen these devices develop from a luxury purchase, when they were first introduced, into a necessity that drivers rely on,” said Dave Poulter, Head of Trading at Halfords. “Our retail position gives us a unique insight into the needs of customers and in response we have been working closely with Garmin for the past two years to help bring Digital Traffic to the high street.”

“From a desire for larger screen sizes, to subscription-free mapping and more accurate live traffic avoidance capabilities – we have been at the forefront of introducing innovative new technologies over the past decade and believe that Digital Traffic will raise the bar in terms of what customers expect from navigation products.”

The Garmin nuvi Premium range includes the Garmin nuvi 3597 LMT and is priced at £299.99 for the “superior navigation experience”. It has a 5-inch display and includes Digital Traffic, lifetime maps and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Garmin nuvi Advanced range sits in the mid-range category with a price tag of £149.99 and a screen size of 4.3- or 5-inches. It still offers Digital Traffic but doesn’t have the lifetime maps or Bluetooth of the Premium models. We’ve got the Garmin nuvi 2598 LMT-D model in for review, so look out for that in the coming weeks.

Garmin also introduced an entry-level Essential range with 4.3-inch screen sizes, but lacking any additional features like Digital Traffic.

Read our review of the last high-end Garmin satnav, the Gamin nuvi 3590 LMT.

Stuart Ewen

May 14, 2013, 5:42 pm

Oh dear... this new digital traffic thing sounds like a non-starter. The BBC currently state somewhere in the region of 93% DAB coverage. You can bet the remaining 7% covers vast swathes of sparsely populated areas which can be a significant chunk of the road network. No signal there then... ....and that's just the UK. For your euro trips, you are reliant on DAB coverage and not all countries have it.

Then there's the extras, like google search, that will only work when you tether your phone to the GPS. Expect to pay through the nose for that privilege on a continuous basis, especially when in europe.

A 5" phone and some GPS software would be more cost efficient than this, as there would be no tethering data charge.

Best option is still a cellular connected device, such as the TomTom 1005, 825, or if you can find one, a Garmin 1695. All countries in Europe have mobile phone signals, and best of all, the data usage is free, although there is a subscription charge (currently though the TomTom 1005 HDT comes with 3 years for free).

I'd hang on for the new TomTom GO LIVE series which are imminent, some of these will be cellular based.

All in all, a retrograde step backwards IMO.


May 15, 2013, 6:45 pm

only available at Halfords? so much for competition... I don't think so.


June 16, 2013, 9:18 am

I have TomTom HD, which usually works quite well, however when there are severe traffic problems their network/servers seem to get overloaded and the device cannot connect. So I get no traffic info at all at precisely the time I most need it. DAB seems like a better option to me as it won't have the overload problem. I'm not sure that I care if DAB doesn't work in parts of the country where no-one lives - presumably traffic problems should be rarer there than in London where I am.


July 14, 2013, 6:15 pm

The 2598 LMT-D won't connect to my HTC One phone via Bluetooth. Am told that I will have to wait for a firmware update but could be weeks, months or years. Bought the version with Bluetooth specifically to use for handsfree calls; could have saved my money.

Larry Webb

April 13, 2015, 9:59 am

I just received Friday the new the garmin 57 LTM and hooked it up as specified and it will not receive traffic updates

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