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GAME oversells £150 PS4 bundle, offers killer deal in apology



Last week a number of PS4 bundles went on sale around the UK for £150. The deal looked too good to be true and, for some GAME customers, it was.

Over the weekend, many customers who’d nabbed the FIFA 17 bundle were issued with refunds after the retailer struggled to get its ‘sold out’ sign up in time.

As a result, those missing out are peeved claiming they could have jumped on one of the other retailers offering similar deals, with Sony seeking to exhaust stocks of the chunky, three-year-old PS4.

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By means of an apology, GAME is emailing the affected buyers with a sweetener of a deal on a new PS4 Slim, although it will require them to part with more cash.

First of all, those affected users will get to keep a three-month Now TV subscription, doled out with the original bundle.

They’ll also get a £20 off voucher off a £250 PS4 Slim 500GB bundle with FIFA 17, an additional three month Now TV subscription and a free copy of Uncharted 4.

In a statement (via Eurogamer), the retailer said: "Unfortunately due to unprecedented demand, the PS4 Bundle containing FIFA 17 and a Now TV pass sold out extremely quickly and we were unable to fulfil a number of orders.

"We'd like to apologise to customers affected and will be refunding orders in full. Any reward points used will be automatically credited back to accounts and customers will also keep the Now TV three month subscription free of charge. The bundle will not be available to purchase in the future."

Is GAME’s offer good enough? Or should it honor the original price with a PS4 Slim? Share your thoughts below

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Crispy Right

October 3, 2016, 3:53 pm

If any of the buyers can prove that it was still available at that price elsewhere then I would suggest that they have the right to either purchase an equivalent set from game at that price or purchase it elsewhere and request game pay them the difference.

Using MCOL it is very easy to file a claim and I doubt GAME will have any real defence so will be forced to pay out + interest

It all comes down to the fact that they missed out on the other deal due to Game advertising

Nick Smith

October 3, 2016, 4:36 pm

This article misses several key points. Firstly, not only did they allow customers to order it online & email acceptance. I could understand this, as the volume of people ordering online would have made it very difficult for their stock control system to reject orders immediately as the product sold out. At this stage, they have requested the customer's bank 'ringfence' the money. In other words, should the order be cancelled, the money could be unblocked and available to customers within a short space of time.

What Game then did was send us a dispatch email (in their own T&Cs this is where they entered a contract with the customer). This then allowed them to have the money paid by the customer's bank to them. They confirmed in this email the product was shipped and was on its way.

Then, they emailed a cancellation, advising that they had run out of stock. If they had run out of stock, how did their stock management system scan the items out for delivery?! As such, it now results in a 10 day turnaround period.

Trying to phone them to get some clarity on this required over 1.5 hours waiting to speak to someone. Then, the managers declined to take escalation calls to deal with it.

But most annoyingly of all - this happened on Friday afternoon. Since then, neither of their accounts have responded to a single one of the HUNDREDS of tweets asking for clarity. They have blanket refused to acknowledge the issue on social media, but are gladly replying through @gamehelps to everyone else who has any other query.

To then say "you can pay us an extra £100 for the console & buy FIFA separately" is a slap in the face. Every customer who received a dispatch email should be provided with a PS4 slim & FIFA. These customers are now out of pocket £150 for 10 days, missed out on other retailers' offers & have no PS4 to show for it. And we've treated like sh*t by their customer services & social media teams.

For me, mistakenly accepting the order online is fine. It happens. Sending the dispatch emails, taking the funds & refusing to provide any kind of customer service is unforgivable & Game won't ever see a penny of my money again.


October 4, 2016, 8:42 am

That's disgusting customer practice!

Daniel Hobbs

October 4, 2016, 9:50 am

The way website coding works with stock controls, this should not have been an issue.. so sounds more like they inputted the wrong stock amounts.


October 4, 2016, 10:21 am

lol to anyone thinking they'll honour the price with the slim. Refund at best and it's still legal

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