The Galaxy S9 could blow the iPhone X away with 512GB of next-gen eUFS storage

Samsung has announced that it is mass-producing the industry’s first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) solution, leading many to believe that the Galaxy S9 will ship with the high-capacity module.

As we don’t know how long the firm’s been holding onto the technology, it’s tough to say whether it will make the cut – but if it was on the assembly line before the Galaxy S9 entered production at the beginning of last month, it could very well be on board.

There are a number of reasons why Samsung would want to rush to bake the 500GB+ non-removable chip into the Galaxy S9.

512GB is double the storage offered by the most expensive iPhone X (£1149), for one, so Samsung could conceivably offer twice the capacity and improved performance for the same (or even a lower) price than Apple’s flagship.

It would be something of a coup for the South Korean firm so soon after the iPhone X’s release, and one that would potentially help undecided buyers make their mind up in Samsung’s favour in early-2018. It could also help the Galaxy S9 become the company’s best-selling smartphone to date.

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However, if Samsung opted to introduce 512GB of internal (eUFS) storage, it would likely mean the end for the Galaxy’s much-loved SD card slot. Some might find the lack of a removal storage option restrictive, but the eUFS standard has the benefit of being a lot faster, offering sequential read and write speeds of 860 MB/s and 255 MB/s, respectively.

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