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Galaxy S7 survey: 70% of you would pay more for microSD


Samsung Galaxy S6

It’s often the most trivial things that end up being the most contentious – just like the microSD card.

The decision of whether or not to include a microSD card slot in smartphones is a tricky one for manufacturers, but our readers have made up their minds.

In a TrustedReviews poll first launched on November 23, 2015, readers responded in the thousands to answer the following question:

Would you pay extra for a microSD slot on the Galaxy S7?

The results are in – out of 5,439 voters, exactly 70% said “Yes”, they would pay extra.

The remaining 30%, of course, said no, giving the “Yes” camp a stark majority.

Here are some of the comments we heard back from readers:

I've wanted to buy a new mobile since 2014 and I keep waiting for a Galaxy with SD card slot and removable battery. It seems I must drop my preferred brand and choose another one.” – Artur Barros

“It’s a big phone with a big screen so give it a big battery and an SD card slot.” – Dave

“There’s more than enough memory in the phones now, and Android doesn’t even let you use the SD card anymore for half the stuff you used to be able to use it for.” – ned23

“That poll was extremely pathetic. I would have liked for the option to say “WHY THE FUCKING SHIT SHOULD I FUCKING PAY EXTRA FOR A FUCKING MICROSD CARD” WTF!!!” – wysd0m

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Samsung famously abandoned the microSD card slot on 2015’s flagship smartphones – including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

However, recent reports have pointed to Samsung reviving the microSD slot for 2016’s Samsung Galaxy S7.

In an age where smartphone storage isn’t rising in tandem with increasing file sizes, microSD slots can be a great boon to user experience.

However, microSD cards are much slower than internal flash storage, so manufacturers are often keen to avoid them for performance purposes.

Moreover, microSD cards can increase the thickness of a handset, a consequence that tech companies abhor.

But is there a future for the microSD card? It’s tough to say. After all, many apps and services are turning to the cloud, meaning more user data and content is being stored remotely.

One thing we know for sure – TrustedReviews readers are all about the microSD card. Are you?

Check out our smartphone buyer's video guide below:

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December 10, 2015, 6:30 pm

Internal memory costs the manufacturer very little. If they gave us 64GB as standard, with 256GB available without too much additional outlay, then few would care about microSD. While manufacturers continue to gouge us we care.


December 10, 2015, 6:38 pm

And whilst they don't, it is clear that all the arguments about memory speed and handset thickness are so much hokum - gouging is the motive.


December 10, 2015, 11:51 pm

Atleast give us cheaper higher storage on board. The S6 Edge + and the note 5
didn't have 128 Gb options. (Not that the UK got the Note 5!). Yes with 4G speeds being pretty good more and more people use it which affects its speed. So the whole everything in Cloud crap is bullshit.


December 10, 2015, 11:54 pm

New Poll Idea ... how long besides Apple (as they look after us already) should manufacturers release updates to phones, my vote would be three years at least. Samsung Note 3 is stuck on Lollipop 5,0 (buggy) and I doubt it will get Marshmellow, The phone is about 2 years old. Yes most people get upgrades but often the children or someone else gets the old phone which is then stuck on old software and often doesn't get any security updates either.


December 11, 2015, 5:05 pm

The thing is not excatly that I would pay more for McroSD, but I'll NEVER buy it if there is no Micro SD. That's clear for me. Indeed I didn't bought the S6 for this reason alone


December 14, 2015, 2:56 am

It's really simple. If a phone with no MicroSD gets damaged (water, etc.) all your files in the storage will be lost. If it had a MicroSD even if it the phone was submerged in water you will still be able to save your files on the MicroSD. I have seen this happen a lot of times. So I will never buy a phone without a MicroSD. Unfortunately it looks like I will have to move to another brand if Samsung keeps on with its "copy Apple policy".

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