Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint scanner ‘confirmed’ by patent leak

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could get an in-display fingerprint scanner after all, if a new patent shared by an unconfirmed source is to be believed – though it probably shouldn’t be. 

Indian gadget blog 91mobiles says it has the scoop on Samsung’s next flagship phablet and Galaxy Note 8 successor (H/T SamMobile), by way of unearthing a “new patent” filed by the South Korean firm.

The illustration seemingly shows a Galaxy Note-like device with a fingerprint planted on the bottom of the main display, though there’s a couple of problems we have with this rumour.

First of all, patents tend to precede product launches by some time, so the notion that Samsung has only just filed for a technology it plans to include on an autumn 2018 release seems far fetched, to say the least.

Just as importantly, the alleged documentation shared…well, it just looks sketchy. Have a look and see what you think for yourself (image also via 91mobiles).

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Slapping a blurry fingerprint on a basic product outline is within the Photoshop (or even Paint) abilities of most people these days, plus there’s no date attached to the ‘filing’ or source link to corroborate which regulatory body it might be sitting with.

In other words, it’s probably complete and utter tosh.

That said, there’s every chance the Galaxy Note 9 will sport an in-display fingerprint reader.

After all, the Vivo X21 is already there, integrating Synaptics’ Clear ID tech directly into its screen – and Samsung is understood to be working with the same third-party with a view to adding such a feature to its next-gen Galaxy devices.

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We just don’t think this the proof we’re searching for – be it in regards to the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10, or any other Samsung mobile for that matter.

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