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Future Sony Xperia phones might get RAW image capture


Xperia Z3 camera

Sony has teased a possible new feature for its Xperia range of devices that will improve smartphone photography potential.

The Japan-based electronics giant suggested that it may offer RAW image capture of future handsets.

Writing on the Sony Mobile forum, a spokesperson said: “As always, we’re monitoring our customer expectations and regarding supporting taking pictures in RAW format, we will consider this for the future if there is a popular demand.”

LG announced its new flagship LG G4 smartphone earlier this week, revealing that the device would offer RAW image capture.

RAW image files are shots that have not been processed – or minimally processed, at least – by camera or device software.

This means that they’re not ready to be printed immediately, for instance, but have the bonus of retaining more original information compared to processed formats like TIFF or JPEG.

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Sony is a big player in the camera market, and produces its own image sensors for the Xperia smartphone range. So why doesn’t it already offer RAW mode in the Xperia manual camera settings?

Android 5.0 supports the new camera features via android.hardware.camera2, and Google defines three modes for the new camera features: Legacy mode (no support RAW capture), Limited mode (optional capability for RAW capture), Full mode (optional capability for RAW capture),” explained the spokesperson.

“Currently, Xperia supports Legacy mode in our Lollipop update, which incorporate features and functionality in addition to our already renowned camera experience.”

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April 30, 2015, 4:09 pm

They need something to sell their phones. RAW image capture would be a good place to start. Their DSLR'S are up there with Nikon and Canon. And their high end compacts are arguably better than Panasonic and Samsung. So they should have the best smartphone cameras out there. The question is are there enough camera enthusiasts out there to make it worthwhile. Not a lot of people are willing to take more manual control over their shots. Which is why the iPhone is often lauded over smartphones with much better camera's. But full marks to Sony for trying...

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