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Full HD Films Coming To iTunes [Report]

David Gilbert


Full HD Films Coming To iTunes [Report]

Apple are planning on improving the resolution of the films available to download from iTunes to full HD, according to reports from Apple Insider.

According to the ever (un)reliable “people familiar with the matter” documentation has been submitted with a number of feature films due for release later in the year suggesting they will be offered at full HD 1920x1080 resolution. Currently the iTunes film download service only offers content in either standard (480p) and HD (720p) but thus far Apple has not offered full HD content.

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As well as upgrading the download service, Apple could be about to upgrade its Apple TV offering with a device capable of outputting 1080p content using a new A5 chip. Currently Apple TV is able to accept 1080p content but can only push it to your TV at 720p due to the device's first-generation A4 processor. Sources within Apple have also told the website that the company has the back-end capabilities to begin serving 1080p video files to the mass market and that the delay in rolling it out is to do with the 10Mbit broadband speeds which would be needed for members of the public to stream such massive files.

Film fans will certainly welcome the option of downloading full HD titles from iTunes should these reports turn out to be accurate.

Source: Apple Insider

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