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Fujitsu-Toshiba Announces IS12T - First WP7 Mango Handset

David Gilbert


Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T

Fujitsu-Toshiba has announced what will be Japan’s first Windows Phone 7 handset and the world’s first phone which will be running the Mango update.

Earlier this month Microsoft gave us a glimpse of a number of the handsets which would be launching with the Mango OS update. One that caught the eye was a hot pink handset from Fujitsu-Toshiba and at a press conference the company officially announced the IS12T handset.

As well as being offered in pink, sorry magenta, the IS12T will also come in Citrus and Jet Black. The handset features a 3.7in WVGA screen, which claims to be waterproof. The phone will be powered by a Qualcomm MSM8655 CPU, though it is unknown yet at what speed the CPU will run at.

Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T

On the rear is a whopping 13.2 megapixel camera and the phone will come with 32GB of internal storage to house all those big pictures. The IS12T will also feature Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi and the usual sensors.

Of course the headline feature will be the inclusion of the WP7 Mango update which should solve a lot of the issues users have reported with the first WP7 OS adding more integration of Bing and helping group all your contacts into one place.

Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T

The phone will be made available at some time in “September or beyond” on Japan’s KDDI au network. Whether we will get to see the handset on this side of the world is unclear yet.

Source: KDDI

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