Freeview Explore content-discovery feature comes to Freeview Play

Freeview Play has just announced the introduction of a new content-discovery feature, Freeview Explore.

With the launch of the new Freeview Explore feature, which starts rolling out today, Freeview Play has received a big usability boost.

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Those TVs or set-top boxes which support Freeview Play – of which around 2 million have now been sold in the UK – will gain access to Freeview Explore from the apps page. This offers extra means of discovering shows from the almost 20,000 pieces of content now available through the free TV service.

Freeview Explore gives quick access to all of the various players, including BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, from a carousel across the top of the UI. Below that is a curated selection of recommended shows, which can be filtered by 10 categories, including one ‘wildcard’ category that will be seasonal or maybe related to a particular event, such as Hallowe’en.

The curation will be done by actual real people to begin with, but Freeview Play isn’t ruling out the possibility that it’ll be run by algorithms in the future.

Freeview Explore

Freeview Explore has also been given the benefit of suggestive search, so start typing something into the search box and you’ll immediately be offered 10 suggestions of what you might be searching for, which refine as you continue typing. This brings it in line with the search on paid-for services from Sky and Virgin Media.

Last but not least is a Help and Alerts area that will soon be populated with instructional videos and info on updates to the service.

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