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Foxconn Will Replace Humans With Robots

David Gilbert


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The company that assembles Apple’s iPads and iPhones is set to replace human workers with up to one million robots over the next three years.

Reports suggest that Chinese company Foxconn is looking to increase its thin margins by replacing human workers with automated robots as wages in China continue to rise dramatically.

As well as assembling devices for Apple, contract manufacturer Foxconn also counts Nokia, Dell and Hewlett Packard among its customers. The China Business News on Monday quoted Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou as saying the company planned to use one million robots within three years, up from about 10,000 robots in use now and an expected 300,000 next year.

Foxconn factory

The move to more automation comes about following recent controversy where a series of workers’ suicides in the past year have plagued the company. Foxconn also faced questions following an explosion in one of its factories in May where three people died and 16 were injured.

In recent times, wages in China have risen dramatically and companies feel they can’t remain competitive and are looking towards automation.

Source: Reuters


August 2, 2011, 2:46 am

"wages in China have risen dramatically"

What $1.00/day to $2.00/day - 100% increase!! Communist labour! What you expect?

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