Fortnite Battle Royale: First vehicle yet added in new update

Fortnite Battle Royale is most popular game in the world right now. It’s being covered by mainstream media, played by celebrities and dominating streaming platforms across the globe. It’s no laughing matter, and thus plenty of fans are hungry for whatever’s next for Epic Games’ powerhouse. 

As an online multiplayer experience, there’s always plenty of updates, new maps and modes always right around the corner. Therefore, Trusted Reviews has compiled all of the latest below.

Fortnite Battle Royale Update – The jetpack arrives!

Epic Games had added a Shopping Cart vehicle to Fortnite: Battle Royale, and it’s not exactly what players were expecting.

You and a friend can use the new item to roam the map at increased speed and spectacular style. It’s very silly and definitely fits the Fortnite aesthetic.

You can find the full details on the biggest changes here.

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Epic Games has released the latest State of Development blog for Fortnite: Battle Royale, detailing some of the major changes in the works for the hugely popular title.  This includes several quality-of-life improvements to controls, performance and even more limited-time game modes for players to experience.

One of which is Playground where players have a larger amount of time to explore the map gathering resources, treasure chests and ammo crates. Friendly Fire will also be enabled so you’ll need to careful in Duos or Squads. Lload of Llamas is on the way, too. No idea what it is, though.

We’ve compiled some of the major gameplay changes below:

  • Challenge Progress Notifications–Starting in v4.3 there will be in-match pop ups to highlight your challenge progress. Track what you’ve completed and plan out your strategy for the remainder of the match or your next one!
  • In-world markers–Marking positions on the map is a great way to communicate with your squad, but often the marker on the compass isn’t enough to get you to your location. We’re investigating ways to display an in-world marker to allow for easier navigation around the island.
  • Victory Royale screen–Getting a Victory Royale should be a memorable experience, and the victory screen should support that. We want to freshen up the celebration and make it a bit more rewarding.
  • High-resolution mini map–The ability to zoom in on the map was added in a recent update, but the resolution of the image isn’t quite as good as we want it to be. Our goal is to capture the world with as many details as possible to make it easier when figuring out where you’re droppin’!
  • Better Footstep and Vertical Audio–Our v4.2 update had some footstep audio improvements, where we added slightly more variation to above/below sounds. We recognise it’s still difficult to identify enemy position in high-density locations (such as Tilted Towers) and we’ll continue to iterate on this.

Fortnite Battle Pass – What’s in it?

The Season 4 Battle Pass is now available to purchase for 950 V-Bucks and comes with more rewards than all previous iterations.

Among the new items include pickaxes, gliders, emotes and a variety of other new cosmetic goodies. These will take a while to unlock, so players have plenty to keep them busy for the coming weeks.

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Fortnite Save The World – Anything new?

Save The World has received a new quest in the form of Blockbuster Event – Part 1: Origin Story in which you will investigate the newly crashed comet and gear up to recruit a team of superheroes.

The mode has also received some new loot drops which can be gained by defeating husks in exchange for resources and crafting ingredients.

Is Fortnite Down?

No! After a brief amount of downtime ahead of the introduction of Season 4, Fortnite is back up and running.

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