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Forget virtual reality, a controller is best for FIFA says EA

Michael Sawh


Forget virtual reality, a controller is best for FIFA says EA

EA believes that a controller is the ultimate way to play FIFA titles, despite the enthusiasm for virtual reality headsets.

Facebook’s recently acquired Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset might be the talk of the town but FIFA is still all about the controller.

That’s according to FIFA 15 Lead Producer Sebastian Enrique who told TrustedReviews that nothing currently beats the experience of playing the football game with a Dualshock 4 or Xbox One controller.

When asked about whether something like Oculus of Morpheus could carry over to a game like FIFA, Enrique explained:

“It’s tricky. I’m not sure of the answer. We are talking about visual recognition with cameras in terms of depth. The problem is that you still have lag. When you play a game like FIFA it really depends on reaction time and on reading the game”.

Enrique also explained that the kind of technology currently capable of measuring what’s on the screen to create the kind of reaction time needed just isn’t widespread enough yet.

“We haven’t found something that beats the experience when you have a controller in your hands”.

On the subject of new methods of control and with Microsoft’s recent decision to remove Kinect from its Xbox One bundles, Enrique responded in a similar fashion to his thoughts on the role of Kinect in FIFA.

“I think Kinect is convenient for people who like to use it, but I still think the best way of playing the game is with a controller. We couldn’t figure out a way of using this alternate input that beats that. Maybe there’s not a way or maybe we are not smart enough”.

You can find out how good FIFA 15 is with controller when it goes on sale on September 26th on PC, new gen and last gen consoles.

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October 22, 2016, 12:05 pm

This headline doesn't make any sense - its like saying forget Amoled TV a controller is the best way to view FIFA. VR is about creating immersion and having the stereoscopic 3d surrounding you. Yes a controller may still be the best to to control the players, but what people want from Oculus and Vive is either a 3rd person drone cam running in 3d or even a 1st person view - looking around to make the pass, even if you still press A B square circle or whatever. TBH - I fully expect this to change. After having a Vive for the last few months, the next accessory that needs to come along is some ankle trackers for walking and / or kicking stuff ... then you have your input for Fifa !

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