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Ford Serves Up Matrix-Style Videos

David Gilbert


Ford Creates Matrix-Style Videos

If you’re a football fan, it’s likely that hearing the official Champions League music (an original composition by Englishman Tony Britten if you’re wondering) rouses something primal in you, unless of course you’re an Arsenal fan and it will probably just rouse anger and disappointment.Ford FocusCam

Anyway I digress. Combine this music with a Matrix-style motion capture bank of 40 12-megapixel cameras and the result is you starring in your own mini-advert with the Champions League Music blasting out behind you. All this is thanks to Ford which is celebrating its 19th consecutive year as a Champions League sponsor. The Ford FocusCam will be set up in Hyde Park from tomorrow, Saturday 21 May and will allow members of the public to head in and capture themselves floating in mid air or volleying a ball into the back of the net.Ford FocusCam

We got a chance to preview the system this week at Ford’s Technical Centre in Laindon and you can see some of the results in the video below. The set up is pretty imposing with a bank of 40 cameras pointing at you. Once the trigger switch is pushed all forty cameras snap an image of you in whatever pose you come up with. The image is then sent to a laptop next to the photographer where the various images can be seen. Those images are then sent to more powerful desktop machines (Apple Macs) which use Adobe Premiere Pro to compress the images and stitch them together into one fluid movement. The results will then be put on YouTube where you can find them by date and time. Of course you will be able to share the videos via Twitter and Facebook.

The FocusCam exhibition stand will be in the north east corner of Hyde Park from tomorrow until just before the final between Manchester United and Barcelona next Saturday (opening times below). It’s all free and good fun, especially for children to head along and be the star of the show.

Saturday, 21 May 12.00-22.30

Sunday, 22 May 12.00-22.30

Monday, 23 May 12.00-20.30

Tuesday, 24 May 12.00-20.30

Wednesday, 25 May 12.00-20.30

Thursday, 26 May 12.00-22.30

Friday, 27 May 12.00-22.30

Saturday, 28 May 09.00-17.00

Image Credit: Chris Elmer @ Active Dad

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