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Fitbit adds rare Windows Phone support


Fitbit Flex
Fitbit Flex

Fitbit has become the first major fitness band manufacturer to support the Windows Phone platform with the launch of a dedicated app.

Windows Phone users will be all too aware of the long-standing lack of proper support for the OS from wearable manufacturers. Now Fitbit has broken the mould and branched out onto Microsoft's mobile platform.

The Fitbit app is available as a free download from the Windows Phone Store now. Like its iOS and Android counterparts, it offers real time stats and handy graphs to help you track your fitness progress - provided you have the Fitbit Flex or a Fitbit One, of course.

In addition, you can use the app to log your daily food intake. This being a Windows Phone app, you also get a Live Tile to pin to your Start Screen, which lets you track your steps at a glance.

So why has this wearable support come now? It's simple really: Windows Phone 8.1.

The latest version of Microsoft's smartphone OS, which has only recently rolled out to Windows Phone 8 handsets, comes with vastly improved Bluetooth support.

As such, you'll need to ensure that you've updated to Windows Phone 8.1 in order for the Fitbit app to work. You'll also need Nokia's latest Lumia Cyan update.

The question is, will this support from a major fitness tracker brand mark the start of a wearables explosion on Windows Phone? Or will the emerging wearables market remain a largely Android and iOS affair?

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Via: The Verge

Prem Desai

July 29, 2014, 9:55 pm

Very clever of FitBit.

Now, anyone with a Windows phone looking for a fitness tracker, will automatically buy their products.

Nice one.

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