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First major Windows 10 update available for PCs and tablets


Windows 10

Microsoft has rolled out the first significant update for Windows 10 since its arrival this summer.

The November update is available to all PC and tablet owners already running the software, via the Windows Update portion of the operating system.

It brings performance improvements for every day tasks including a boot time now 30 per cent faster than Windows 7 on the same device.

There’s also boosts for Cortana, allowing those devices with styluses and pens to write a note in Cortana Notebook and have email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses recognised. Cortana will then help turn the text into reminders if necessary.

You’ll also be able to use Cortana to book Uber cabs and keep track of event/movie bookings made through various portals.

The Microsoft Edge browser has also been improved with a new tab preview mode, which allows users to hover over open tabs and see what’s lurking without having to leave the current page. Edge now syncs Favourites and Reading List items across multiple devices too.

Microsoft says there’s also little improvements for the Mail, Calendar, Photos, Groove, Xbox, Store, OneNote and Solitaire among others.

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In a post on the Windows blog, Terry Myerson said Windows 10 had now reached “the point in the platform’s maturity where we can confidently recommend deployment to whole organisations.”

The November update comes on the same day Microsoft began rolling the Windows 10 update out to Xbox One owners, bringing a brand new, re-imagined dashboard and the long-awaited Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

Dead Words

November 12, 2015, 10:15 pm

Been running it for a while. Performance is definitely better.


November 13, 2015, 12:23 am

So apart from boot-time every feature you've mentioned is one I don't use. Oh well, to be fair I haven't really felt that Windows 10 is missing all that much. It'd still be nice to get something a bit more interesting though.


November 13, 2015, 7:10 am

Dont like Win 10 from installing it on a friends machine and seeing all the trouble it causes especially the lack of an almost universal drag and drop, a display configuration setup which is so basic but so convoluted that even after installing classic shell its terrible. I could do so much from previous versions of Windows I cant do now I feel dis empowered.


November 13, 2015, 3:36 pm

I think the 'first major update' is probably being used as a means to attract business and corporate adoption, who historically would wait until the first service pack was released before beginning roll-out across a network.

In reality this is bug fixes and small features added to features that will have little interest for business users.

As a home user too l I can appreciate a small selection of these, but I'd really hoped the extension support would have been added to Edge.
They may have left it too long and missed the boat again, which is a shame because otherwise it's quite a nice browser.

Kyle Hicks

November 17, 2015, 12:57 am

Personally, as I write this on Windows 10, I have found things that SHOULD have been worked out within the OS that ended up were NOT. Also, I have found that there are things built into the OS-like Windows Defender-that send your personal data and usage back to Microsoft...even when the feature is NOT being used. These seem to do it even when you disable them within Windows. I was all hyped about Windows 10, til I saw that and also noticed that very few developers of apps and programs I run actually support Windows 10 or plan on ever supporting it. (Kind of curious why many developers are NOT supporting Windows 10 at this point and why they do not PLAN on making their apps and programs support the OS...)

I personally plan on upgrading to Windows 8.1 as soon as I can.

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