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First Look At Chromium For Tablets

David Gilbert


First Look At Chromium For Tablets

In recent months we have seen Google’s Chrome OS launched on notebooks and now we are getting a glimpse of how the operating system would work on a tablet.

Web developer Francois Beaufort has compiled the latest software build of Chromium, the open source browser on which the Chrome OS is based, and has posted a video showing how it will look on tablets. We don’t even know yet if Google will support the operating system on tablet devices but it’s nice to get to see what it will look like if it ever does.

Chromium Tablet OS

With everything based on the browser, the first thing that you notice from the video (below), is that everything has been super-sized including buttons, fields and icons. This of course is to accommodate those of us using our less-than-dainty digits instead of a mouse pointer.

As you would expect much of the screen is taken up with an onscreen keyboard which again sees over-sized buttons for easier typing. The keyboard resembles those seen on the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks with slightly rounded edges and increased finger real-estate.

One feature the video shows, and we particularly like, is the prediction mode when typing in the search field. Instead of a long vertical list which could interfere with the keyboard, you get a horizontal bar with large icons for each suggestion.

If you want to test the software yourself, you’ll need to compile the open source version of Chrome OS with support for touch input on your own.

Source: Liliputing

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