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Firefox 5 Officially Released

David Gilbert


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Mozilla recently made a statement saying it was going to have a “rapid release development cycle” for its Firefox browser – and it wasn’t lying.

Firefox 4 was only officially released on 22 March last – and has managed 200 million downloads in that time - but for those already tired of the improved speeds and App Tabs, the next version can now be downloaded. The new version, Firefox 5, promises over 1,000 improvements and “even more awesomeness” – which is always handy in a browser. However, few if any of these improvements are visible when you first boot up Firefox 5. The clean, minimalist look of Firefox 4 is still present and it's under the hood where all the changes have taken place. One of the major updates is support for more modern web technologies making it easier for developers to build add-ons, web applications and websites.

Firefox 5

Another change sees the Do Not Track feature more easily accessible at the top of the privacy pane. This is the feature which will allow you to prevent advertisers from tracking your movements across the web. This feature is now also available on the Android version, making Firefox the first browser to support Do Not Track on multiple platforms. There is also new support for CSS animations and quite a lot of bug fixes. Of course this is the first of several updates promised before the end of the year but it’s always interesting to keep an eye on what Mozilla will bring us next.

The new version is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and to update just head to the Mozilla website or just click the “check for update” button under the “About Firefox” menu. This update looks a lot less impressive than previous updates but with Firefox heading the way of Chrome, updates from now on will be smaller but more frequent.

Source: Mozilla

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