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FIFA 18 – What we'd like to see


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FIFA 18 news, release date, trailer, Ultimate Team, The Journey, wishlist and everything we know

The Journey returns in FIFA 18

EA has confirmed The Journey will return in FIFA 18 with all new storylines and characters. It is unclear whether Alex Hunter will return. During a recent investor's call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that 10 million players experienced The Journey in FIFA 17.

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2016 was a great year for football games. We had the sublime PES 2017 delivering fast and fluid football, with goals consistently worthy of end-of-year highlight reels. At first it seemed like Konami was very well poised to dethrone the king, but EA Sports elevated its game once more and FIFA 17 provided an equally excellent representation of the beautiful game.

Offering a much more tactical affair, with patience, possession and build-up play as well as a greater emphasis on player control taking centre stage, this year finally felt like a more well-balanced affair.

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FIFA 17Note: All images from FIFA 17

TrustedReviews has put together a wishlist of everything we hope EA Sports brings to FIFA 18, as well as all the latest news and rumours. Be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll be updating it as more information comes through.

FIFA 18 is coming to Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo and EA have confirmed FIFA 18 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. HOw much it will be able to keep up with its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts is unclear at this point. It will be unlikely that it'll offer the same visual fidelity and perhaps even the same feature set. The chances are it will be a "Legacy" title much like the PS Vita version of previous FIFA titles

FIFA 18 release date – When is it coming out?

While EA has yet to confirm the existence of FIFA 18, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the game exists. It’s also a pretty fair guess that the game will launch in late September.

FIFA games tend to launch in the final week in September, and with EA games launching on a Thursday in the UK and Europe, that’d have FIFA 18 arriving on September 28, 2017.

FIFA 18 Trailer – How does it look?

The very first footage of FIFA 18 emerged in a recent Japanese commercial for Nintendo Switch. It's also the first we've ever seen of the series on Nintendo's new console.

FIFA 18 Cover Star – Who will it be?

EA Sports tends to put the decision of who will be the cover star of FIFA to the fans. After whittling the choice down to the final few, fans get to decide who will be the cover athlete.

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FIFA 17 The journey

For FIFA 17 players had to choose between Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez and Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus – the eventual winner.

The choice of athletes tends to be based on the previous season, where the best players are often selected for consideration. We’ll leave it up to you in the comments to decide who you think is worthy to grace the FIFA 18 cover.

FIFA 18 wishlist – What we’d like to see

Bring Chemistry to Career Mode

PES 2017 uses team chemistry in its Master League, making every tactical switch even more thought-provoking as bringing in that new summer signing can wreak havoc with the fluidity of your starting eleven.

The best and most popular part about FIFA is undoubtedly Ultimate Team, with the biggest factor of any team being its chemistry. Bringing this across to the Career Mode – albeit in a different form – would really add depth to the mode.

Rather than basing chemistry on nationality and club, but instead having it as something that is based on other stats like preferred formation, time with team, native language and other factors will really help create a greater connection with the team.

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fifa 17 journey locker

Rather than buying 10 players in one transfer window and throwing them all in at once, it will lead to greater fine-tuning to a starting lineup.

New preset tactics

How much longer will we need to choose between the same D-Pad tactics? It’s about time we were about to change these and even develop our own, Football Manager style. Being able to craft our own tactics to make a team press high up the pitch like it was managed by Jurgen Klopp or randomly decide to have a centre back on the left wing like Pep Guardiola said would be brilliant.

Dedicated servers, PLEASE

It’s 2017, lag should not continue to plague the most popular sports game in history. It’s about time EA dug deep and invested in some dedicated servers for FIFA 18.

No longer will we have to be sat in front of a frozen screen, wondering if that shot is about to fly in the top corner or drift hopelessly wide.

Mutual quit in Ultimate Team

If, however, lag continues to be an issue, then EA needs to give players the ability to agree that it’s too bad to play a fair game and be able to quit within the first 5-10 minutes of a match where the result is squashed and our stars don’t lose a match on their contracts or any boosters applied to their cards.

This feature would help make playing FIFA much more enjoyable, as being forced to sit through a 25 minute match which should take less than half that thanks to crippling lag just because you can’t afford to waste the contracts is painful. If both players agree to quit, then neither should be punished in any way, nor should there be any result reflected because of it.

Also, if an opponent quits a match within the first five minutes, it should not cost us a player contract for the starting 11 which it currently does. Not cool, EA, not cool.

Simplified control scheme

Another thing PES 2017 has over FIFA 17 is a simplified, contextual control system. It requires fewer button inputs to do more on the pitch. In PES 2017, if Arjen Robben is on the right wing, and wants to cross the ball low into the box behind the defenders and into the path of Lewandowski, I only have to press one button for this to happen. Robben will automatically do this with the outside of his left foot or inside of his right, depending on what’s best based on the situation.

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fifa 17 journey coach

In FIFA, I have to play finger twister to pull off similarly complex manoeuvres, meaning more time is spent thinking about the controls rather than the match itself.

Fewer skills and celebrations

The amount of skill moves and celebrations has gone overboard for the past few years in FIFA, surely that effort could be put elsewhere in the game? The hundreds of skills and ways to celebrate putting the ball in the net is obscene, and I doubt many will miss having these trimmed back.

Keep the one where the player goes limp though, of course. Oh, and the Robbie Keane special, obviously.

Let us skip all goal celebrations online

Being forced to sit through a slow-motion replay of the luckiest goal on the planet is rage-inducing. It should be possible to skip any and all replays of goals, regardless of who scored them. If anything, EA will be saving many controllers around the world from being smashed into tiny little pieces.

Another story mode

The Journey took us all by surprise in FIFA 17. A surprisingly enjoyable and engaging single player story mode that allowed us to live the life of a professional footballer, it was fun to get to run around in Alex Hunter's boots.

EA has confirmed the existence of Journey Season Two, and it should go one step further. I'd love to see The Journey end in a run in the international team. With 2018 being a World Cup year, it makes perfect sense to tie the two together and be able to represent your nation on the grandest stage of them all in the story mode.

It would also be great to have greater autonomy over your club career, perhaps being able to play in more positions, or again have team chemistry improve by socialising with your teammates off the pitch.

2K leads the way in this field with NBA 2K17, so that'd be a good example to follow.

What would you like to see in FIFA 18? Let us know in the comments.


January 10, 2017, 10:13 am

I'd be happy if they could just make it so the CPU doesn't play like a psychic robot.

Michael Brennan

January 10, 2017, 10:48 am

I don't play Ultimate Team so I would like some simple things in career mode, changing fonts and badges when teams get promoted and relegated (they put super bowl badges and pink kit items in on Madden so it must be possible) The ball changing to the winter ball in October to March. Kit Design, playing with West Ham in season 2024 with Olympic Park 2016-2017 is annoying, PES do kit design. A better search facility on Career mode, search by pace, age, shooting, strenght etc. Players not signing for any team that bids. I had Rashford amoungst others at Pompey in League 2!!

Stephen Gregory

January 10, 2017, 7:45 pm

In career mode, I think that when you play as a lower division, say bottom of the barrel league 2 in the four England leagues, when you gain promotion you should also gain either funds for a new stadium, new kits (or kit design), or a storyline along the lines of how far they've come or something of the sorts. Also a star level rating (or overall) that goes either up or down with promotion/relegation (like it does online in pro clubs) and your player progression/decline in progression (just like match day ratings in play now). It's just a few little things that are already implemented in other parts of the game. On the topic of climbing a lower team up the ranks, the same goes for money allocation in the upcoming seasons. You should be able to get an investor or sponsors that will intrust funds for either an objective based goal or finishing rank or just because they 'believe' in you. I shouldn't have to say that the youth development system is just messed up altogether as far as progression goes. Some nice maintenance could go into that as it seems super robotic and already pre calculated.. As opposed to throwing your 60 overall dude in and he scores multiple goals and gets good passing percentages for a few games maybe he gets credited for that kind of stuff instead of having to depend on the weekly trainings to boost random traits. I know it sounds like I'm complaining. I promise I'm not I just think this game has so much potential to be the best of the best. Ultimate team is cool I suppose. The journey was the something different to get a new demographic in and worked. It was neat. But a lot could go into career mode seeing as that's something people play for a long and extended period of time. I myself am in year 2024 on my second run-through with portsmouth and am in the premier league with quite the lineup. it wasn't easy for sure but it's just super boring now and there isn't much surprise or anything mixing things up. Maybe a rival manager that you compete with throughout your career and maybe when he moves to a different league you have the opportunity to move there to or stay and he comes back or whatever. Something to spice it up. Rant over. Thanks for viewing. EA if you're hiring I'm your guy.


January 12, 2017, 9:51 pm

I think in FIFA 18, Market Caps should be taken off of the markets. It's not fair that you have to put a player on the market in a certain price range.
(Then again, they try to stop coin sellers)


January 17, 2017, 10:46 pm

Fix the bloody scripting would be a start. Could care less about UT or introducing new features unless they properly play test them first

Valdu Ramma

February 18, 2017, 12:52 pm

I feel that I had more control over events in FIFA 16 than FIFA 17. FIFA 17 is too scripted. I agree with the article on cutting back on goal celebrations and skill moves. But disagree on simplyfying controls. Simpler controls for me = less depth.

Carlos Zuniga

March 12, 2017, 4:57 am

Can Fifa 18 have the ability whenever the qualifying tournaments comes up for world cup 18 be applied on the game... you know Copa America... Copa Conferedaciones... Europe etc.. and Also Gabriel Batistuta... if he is added to legends.. I will sell my ps4 in a heart beat.

jay tan w s

March 14, 2017, 12:33 pm

Sometime the goalkeeper jersey colour is the same as the opponent team players..very confusing..may be we can also choose goalkeeper jersey too or is even better when we can create jersey for our team..


March 19, 2017, 10:47 pm

Would like to see career mode expanded more options in contract negotiations influence your career and moves like tell your agent which clubs countries / clubs you are interested in holdouts team mate interactions press conferences manager mode build a club ie stadiums kit design and more finally the womens leagues its time for some equality in there thoughts ??


April 3, 2017, 9:22 am

Two simple things for me. One is to have a coin toss at the start of a match and the chance to choose which way to shoot. Playing as Liverpool and having to shoot towards the Kop in the first half every home game is annoying and seems like an easy thing to fix. Also, get your stadium detail right. At the Emirates the home team dugout is on the right as you look at it head on. In the game it's the opposite. Why??


April 5, 2017, 11:11 pm

Was very Dissappointed that The Journey was only one season. No dream move ? No transfers. Overall rating of 68 as a player. Wasn't good at all


April 5, 2017, 11:13 pm

As for Career Mode. Once Untied Had Zlatan. Rooney. Lukaku. Icardi. Rashford and Griezman as strikers. I mean how many Strikers can one team buy. Very Unrealistic... There's also a lack of competitiveness in the leagues. You finish first with 89 points and you get a team like Chelsea finishing second with 60 points. Very Unrealistic. All these issues need to be addressed

Gregor Arbuckle

April 6, 2017, 3:19 pm

FIFA is the best football game ever


April 14, 2017, 3:24 am

I prefer playing career mode and based on comments below, many others do. In CM i can tweak and mod the gameplay to almost look like a real football game. EA should create a new gameplay to force users to play realistically and not the horrendous online ping-pong, pacey, first touch shot from anywhere style.

Improve AI, let it win or lose based on its own skills so scripted-story mode in gameplay is no longer necessary.

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