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Feedly reveals 3m new Google Reader users as it relaunches mobile apps


Feedly hopes new mobile apps will impress Google Reader converts

In the week that Google surprisingly announced it would be shuttering its Reader RSS service, the Feedly client racked up 500,000 new users.

Two weeks later the company has revealed that figure has shot up to three million newcomers.

The influx of users has made Feedly has forced the company to up its game in order to handle the load and keep those new users from looking elsewhere for another client.

"We’ve had two crazy, wonderful weeks at Feedly. Over 3 million new users have joined Feedly since the announcement of the retirement of Google Reader. We are thankful that so many Reader refugees have chosen Feedly for their new home, and are adding hardware as quickly as we can to make that transition as seamless as possible." the company said in a blog post on Monday.

To that end, the company has relaunched its apps for its free Android and iOS with an "all new search and discovery engine" which allows faster discovery of other 50 million feeds. There's also a "smart topic completion" feature and a new search algorithm to help users discover new feeds faster.

The company has also added a new feature called "Must Reads" which promotes essential articles, as well as a pull-to-refresh gesture. There's also a new Title-only mode which makes it easier for users to scan headlines.

Sharing has also been improved with the addition of Google , while those who use the Pocket and Buffer apps will also have access to those services from within the Feedly toolbar.

It seems amid the weight of three million new users, which quadruples its user-base prior to the Google Reader announcement, Feedly is ready for the challenge.

The company has already promised a seamless transition for Google Reader users switching to the service before the shutdown on July 1st. It's able to do this by cloning the Google Reader API.

Feedly will face competition for those soon-to-be homeless Google Reader fans though after web aggregation tool Digg announced its intentions to build a reader.

Have you shifted to a new RSS reader client yet? Have you found your new home? Has Feedly won you over? Let us know in the comments section below?

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April 1, 2013, 11:41 pm

No. It is still using google reader as a backend, and I don't like the interface as much as say Reeder.

I switched to NewsBlur and it is working very well.


April 2, 2013, 4:55 pm

it has some bugs but I'm getting used to my new home... once google reader dies I hope the connection from my feeds do not die with google... I kinda have difficult time putting some back since some of the rss urls are not right and I need to search them up again...


April 2, 2013, 4:57 pm

my problem with newsblur is it does not break out the left side folders properly and I'm still trying to figure out a work around on that problem plus i'm still trying to find out how to search in this two agregators...

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