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Far Cry Primal is official and here's the first trailer

Sam Loveridge


Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry Primal with the game's first trailer.

Following a number of leaks and teasers, the next entry in the Far Cry series is official and it's called Far Cry Primal.

As the name suggests, the upcoming game is set in the Stone Age, taking players to 10,000BC - a time period full of woolly mammoths, sabretooth tigers and more.

"The award-winning Far Cry franchise that stormed the tropics and the Himalayas now enters the original fight for humanity’s survival with its innovative open-world sandbox gameplay, bringing together massive beasts, breathtaking environments, and unpredictable savage encounters," explained Ubisoft.

The game is in development at Ubisoft Montreal, in collaboration with the Toronto, Shanghai and Kiev studios.

Ubisoft is calling this a "fully-fledged single player experience", before you start saying this is another side-entry.

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You'll play as Takkar in Far Cry Primal, who is a seasoned hunter and the last remaining member of his hunting group. It's set in the land or Oros, and you're only goal is to survive in this world where humans are the prey.

The game will see you hunt for food, master fire, face fierce predators, craft weapons and tools from your slain beasts and of course, come to blows with rival tribes in Oros.

"The Stone Age is the perfect setting for a Far Cry game," said Jean-Christophe Guyot, Creative Director at Ubisoft. "Far Cry usually puts you at the edge of the known world, in a beautiful, lawless and savage frontier."

"The Stone Age is, in a way, the very first frontier for humankind; it's the time when humans put in a stick in the ground and claimed land for their own, the time when we started climbing the food chain. That came with conflict against other humans, of course, but also against nature itself."

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