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Fallout Shelter can be ported to Windows 10 Mobile from Android

Sam Loveridge


Fallout Shelter

Bethesda won't release a Windows Phone version of Fallout Shelter, but it seems like there's a way around it via Android.

Fans mights have started petitions and made protestations directly to Bethesda, but that isn't making the publisher release a Windows Phone version of Fallout Shelter.

Fortunately with Windows 10 Mobile there might be a workaround for a lack of games, as one intrepid Technical Preview user has discovered.

User monoWench has managed to sideload the Android version of Fallout Shelter onto his Windows 10 Mobile device using the existing side-loading tools.

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For most people the lack of the obb resource file causes the sideload to fail, but you can copy it into the right directory by following these instructions:

On your PC

1. Download the package from Google Play using the available tools

2. Create a shortcut to C:\ on your PC

3. Install the apk using adb

4. Copy the com.bethsoft.falloutshelter directory package and the shortcut created earlier to your phone's public directory over USB

On your phone

1. Navigate to your C:\Data\Users\Public directory on your phone using the file explorer

2. Click on your short cut to navigate to C:\

3. Navigate back to C:\Data\Users\Public

4. Move the com.bethsoft.falloutshelter directory containing the obb file to C:\Data\Users\DefApps\APPDATA\Local\Aow\mnt\shell\emulated\0\Android\obb

Download it now on iOS or Android

Joe Brown

August 14, 2015, 5:38 pm

Sam, I'm afraid the instructions provided are really vague. Could you provide more details?

Example: Download the package from the Google Play using the available tools. What tools?

Navigate to C:\Data\Users\DefApps\APPDATA\Local\Aow\mnt\shell\emulated\0\Android\obb. If I have this it is well hidden. I can see the contents of C:\Data\Users\Pulic.

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