Facebook smart speaker shelved due to privacy scandal?

Facebook’s smart speaker plans have been put on hold as the Cambridge Analytica scandal rumbles on, it has been reported.

The social media firm had been planning to unveil a range of digital assistant-powered home speakers with video chat features at its F8 developer conference at the start of May, according to Bloomberg.

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However, “people familiar with the matter” have said that the company has decided to ditch those plans, and that the devices will not make an appearance at the event. However, they’re still set to come out later this year.

The speakers are said to be “undergoing a deeper review” to ensure they make “the right trade-offs regarding user data”.

When initial rumours about the devices, which are believed to be called Facebook Portal, first emerged, people expressed concerns about the idea of a Facebook-created gadget equipped with a camera and microphone lurking in their homes.

Those concerns have now been turned up to 11, with the company currently embroiled in an enormous privacy scandal, after it was alleged that a data analytics company managed to obtain and misuse the details of 50 million Facebook users.

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Still, I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s excited about the speakers.

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