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Facebook Set To Launch iPad App

David Gilbert


Facebook Set To Launch iPad App

Hidden deep in the code of the latest version of the iPhone Facebook app is the much-sought-after iPad app and the code is executable and first impressions are that it is very good.

Those clever folk over at TechCrunch this morning discovered Facebook’s little secret and managed to get the app (or a version thereof) up and running on the iPad – with the results being called “spectacular.”

Since the iPad was launched over a year ago, users have been looking for Facebook to bring out a dedicated app but Mark Zuckerberg poured cold water on the prospect previously saying the iPad was not mobile enough to need a dedicated app. However it seems as he has been playing possum all along.

Facebook for iPad

Finding hidden secrets within lines of code is nothing new and this discovery indicates that Facebook is obviously close to officially releasing an iPad app. The app uses a left-side menu system and incorporates pop-up menus we’ve seen in other iPad apps. Chat, photos and Places all work well according to the TechCrunch review and there will be many iPad owners (and their children) who will be eager to get their hands on this app.

It was probably an oversight on Facebook’s part to push out an update containing the iPad version but it does indicate that in the future updates will be Universal Binary – meaning it will house both iPad and iPhone versions of the app.

Facebook for iPad

The app can be only accessed if you have a jailbroken iPad but for those of us who don’t have such a thing, we would bet that Zuckerberg and Co. will be unleashing the official version fairly soon. For lots more images of the app in action, click the source link below.

Source: TechCrunch

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