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Facebook’s latest Snapchat-like feature: Photo doodling


Facebook doodles

Facebook users can now doodle on their photos before sharing them with friends, following a minor update on Tuesday.

The Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android adds a "Doodle" button to the existing list of editing tools (via VentureBeat).

Users will be able to select a pen colour from a colour bar, as well as the thickness of the nib. Then they'll be free to doodle away with their fingers.

The new tool is similar to one featured in Snapchat, which has challenged Facebook’s social superiority in recent years – especially among younger mobile users.

Facebook first tacked on Snapchat-like photo-editing tools in June this year, enabling users to add stickers, text and filters before images are shared to the social network.

Facebook also released an app called Slingshot, which sought to encourage users to share photos with each other. However, it has enjoyed little success.

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Seeing as Snapchat has no intention of selling out to Facebook, after it rejected a bid of $3 billion, we can expect Zuckerberg and co to ape more of the start-up's most popular features.

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