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Facebook Launches iPad App

David Gilbert


Facebook Launches iPad App

Considering how popular both Facebook and the iPad are, it is strange that the Facebook iPad app has taken 18 months to see the light of day, but all you iPad-owning Facebook fans can finally rest easy, it has now arrived.

The Facebook for iPad app was launched last night and basically gives you access to everything you could already access via the browser but in a more touch friendly way.

One of the most interesting features of the new app is the way it will integrate with other iOS apps. For example if you see that someone has read something on the Guardian in your news feed, clicking on the link will bring you to the soon-to-be-released Guardian app.

As we saw in leaked images earlier this summer, the app uses a left-side menu system and incorporates pop-up menus we’ve seen in other iPad apps. You’ll also get chat, full-screen apps and games and the ability to watch in-line HD movies which can be stream to Airplay devices.

What you won’t get is the new Timeline profile pages we saw launched at the f8 conference last month. However the iPhone app has also been updated – though only to developers so far – which will eventually bring the ability to add bookmarks to apps and the ability to pay using Facebook Credits for in-app payments

The app can be downloaded from the App Store now so let us know in the comments if you’ve had a go and what you think.

Source: Facebook Blog

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