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Facebook For Every Phone Announced

David Gilbert


Facebook For Every Phone Announced

Facebook’s attempts to take over the world moved a step closer today with the launch of a new app which can be used on pretty much any feature phone.

Facebook for Every Phone is the company’s attempt to include those not on the smartphone bandwagon and make them feel part of the connected world. The new app, which works on any Java-enabled phone is said to be less data hungry than simply navigating to the mobile Facebook site via the phone’s browser, thereby saving those not on a data plan some few pennies. Facebook estimates that 2,500 different makes and models of feature phone will be able to make use of this new app.

Facebook For Every Phone

This app, like its smartphone variants, not only includes Facebook’s most popular features, such as News Feed, Inbox, and Photos, but also enables users to upload photos and find friends from their phone’s contacts. To make the app even more appealing, Facebook has collaborated with carriers worldwide to give users free data access. In the UK, Three are offering a very generous six month free trial.

You can begin your Facebook adventure on your feature phone either by going to the mobile site and clicking the link, or going directly to d.facebook.com/install. You can also find it in app stores, including GetJar, Appia, and Mobile Weaver.

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July 13, 2011, 8:51 pm

Hmm, i might give this a try. I still use the mobile version of the site on my Desire as the Android app seems to go from bad to worse these days.

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