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Eye-Fi Launches New Card And Direct Mode For iOS and Android

David Gilbert


Eye-Fi Launches New Card And Direct Mode For iOS And Android

Last week we looked at the Eye-Fi Pro X2 card which allows users to wirelessly stream photos from their camera to their computer. While we liked the product a lot, we had to admit that its appeal may be a bit niche. An announcement today however could change that.

Eye-Fi has announced another in its line of Wi-Fi enabled SD cards, the 8GB Mobile X2 but more importantly has announced that Direct Mode will be available as a download for any X2 card from next week. This download will allow owners of Eye-Fi cards to pair their cameras, with any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Corresponding apps will be available in the Market and App Store respectively which will be needed if you want to start downloading photos to your device.

Direct Mode will come pre-loaded on the Mobile X2 card (which is basically an upgraded version of the Connect X2 but with twice the memory), but owners of all previous X2 cards will be able to download the upgrade for free. While it will still only apply to a small proportion of the camera-owning public, adding compatibility with smartphones and tablets is a wise move considering Eye-Fi cards are used primarily while on the move. Once the apps is up and running on your smartphone or tablet it will be able to continue running in the background, downloading photos as you snap them on your camera, without you having to OK each download.

We think that this added versatility will make the Eye-Fi cards appealing to a lot more people who may have been put off by lugging around their laptop everywhere they went. The new Mobile X2 card will cost $79.99 and will be available this month, while the Pro X2 is getting a price cut from $149.99 to just $99.99. We are awaiting official UK pricing but for more information you can visit the Eye-Fi website.

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April 14, 2011, 9:59 pm

Smart idea - more versatility from your camera, regardless of whether you it's iOS or Android that floats your boat.

But will there be a TouchPad app (in due course) - that's the question?

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