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Experience Netflix's spooky Stranger Things in virtual reality


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Netflix’s stranger things proved to be the hit show of the summer, attracting fans with its creepy storyline and excellent character performances. Now watch as Netflix recreates it in virtual reality and 360°.

The hugely popular Netflix original follows the supernatural disappearance of a teenage boy and his friend’s and family's desperate hunt to relocate him. Fans can now rejoice at the opportunity to become part of the supernatural world thanks to the creation of this short virtual reality video recreating one of the shows particularly creepy scenes.

Check it out:

In this scene Will’s mother Joyce desperately tries to communicate with her lost son and virtual reality users find themselves inhabiting a dimly lit room which is occupied by some sort of supernatural being.

Whilst the video is obviously animated the 360° tool still manages to up the jump scares of the video and in a virtual reality headset it takes the chills to a whole new level.

Whilst this is Netflix’s first virtual reality/360° video the online TV service has shown an interest in Virtual reality before. Previously it has released an app that allows those with a compatible phone and VR headset to experience TV virtually, obviously anticipating the future boom of virtual reality.

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