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EE Power Bar back in stock


Power Bar

EE has reopened its generous Power Bar offer for each of its customers.

The UK network first made its Power Bar offer available to customers back in April, but it swiftly proved to be so overwhelmingly popular (with one million orders) that it was forced to put a hold on requests.

From today, however, the Power Bar is listed as available again on the EE website.

Of course, given the immense popularity of the Power Bar last time around, if you don't text 'Power' to 365 pretty soon you may miss out on this second batch.

The EE Power Bar is a compact cylindrical 2600mAh battery that offers one complete charge to a typical smartphone. It has an LED indicator to tell you how much charge it has left, and it also has a bonus LED torch on it.

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But the best thing about the EE Power Bar – other than its free status – is that you can swap it out for a fully charged example at any one of the 500 participating EE shops around the country at no further cost. Perfect if you get caught short whilst out and about.

This latest restock is perfect timing with festival season under way, and Glastonbury in particular on the horizon. EE is taking 20,000 Power Bars to the UK's biggest festival.


June 24, 2015, 1:48 pm

I couldnt get one in the first week so had been waiting for the "back in stock" announcement.. I walked into a branch 2 weeks ago to be told they actually had them in stock for those who had their code already, just not for people who had not requested a code. Then in typical EE style they gave me a brand new but he warned half charged batterypack.... which of course if i needed it to recharge my phone i could have just given straight to them to be given a fully charged one!

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