EE keeps it simple with new pricing structure, adds flexibility to SIM only deals

EE has announced it is changing the structure of its pay monthly handset tariffs as well as its popular SIM-only deals.

The firm says it is simplifying its pricing structure, with the new deals available immediately. The firm is also detailing some new flexible add-ons.

In terms of pay monthly deals they’re now split into two segments; EE Max and EE Essential plans.

The Max plans offer EE’s fastest 4G+ speeds, as well as the largest data allowances of up to 60GB. Customers on the Max plans get to use their allowances in 53 countries and they also get free BT Sport.

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EE is using the example of a Galaxy S8 for £50 upfront, on a 24-month plan for unlimited calls, texts and 8GB of data. That’ll cost a not-inconsiderable £53 a month.

Essential plans start at just £15 a month (for 500MB of data) and customers get the regular 4G speeds (still up to 60Mbps, mind) and access to their contracted allowances in 48 countries, excluding the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

The firm is also offering three months of free BT Sport for new Essential customers.

Finally, SIM-only plans now offer up to 40GB of data and all come with unlimited minutes and texts.

Add-ons offer Max benefits at a cost

The company has also announced some new add-ons for Essential and SIM only customers.

For £2 a month those customers can get access to the 4G+ speeds, while BT Sport access from the phone is £5 a month.

The drop-in-drop-out add ons also include the ability to stretch their allowances in USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand for £10 a month.

BT says customers can get all of the above with the Max contracts, which costs just £5 to upgrade, rather than $17 if you buy them all.

New EE customers still get six months of free Apple Music as well as free EU roaming.

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