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eBay Cans Listing Fees

Gordon Kelly


eBay Cans Listing Fees

eBay, the World's favourite place to get scammed, hasn't been having the best of times in recent years. So it has come up with a fairly logical way to get punters back through the door and posting their unwanted items to Nigerian fraudsters in no time...

Doing the wholly sensible thing, the site has dropped listing fees. This works out as:

  • No Insertion Fees for Auction-style listings when you list your item with a start price under $1—up to 100 listings per month. Pay only if your item sells

  • Reduced low Insertion Fees when you list your item with a start price of $1 or more

  • One easy Final Value Fee of 9% of the winning bid - and never more than $50 - regardless of your start price or final selling price

  • 50¢ Insertion Fee for Fixed Price with Final Value Fees for the most part staying the same
The full breakdown can be seen in the image above and the new fees will go live from 30 March. "Our customers have consistently told us, `We love free and we love simple,' and that's what we think these changes are about," said president of eBay Marketplaces, Lorrie Norrington.

Will this move help restore confidence in the monstrous auction site? It's a start, though I can't help but think cracking down on the rampant acts of fraud would be far more productive and if it is looking for tips, here are some to mull over:

  • Allow sellers to block bids from buyers with zero feedback or profiles created within the last month

  • Restrict sellers to items of a value under $100 until positive feedback reaches a specific level

  • Forbid new users to bid on items in excess of $100 until positive feedback reaches a specific level

  • Insist registered users verify their home addresses

  • Offer limited (credit card style) compensation to buyers and sellers in clear cut cases of fraud

  • Lock buyers to a specific Paypal account, automatically warn sellers if the two don't match up

  • Fence all buyer/seller communication inside the eBay site

  • Provide a service to attach police crime numbers to disputed sales
Any others you can think of? (Besides 'don't use the site' - very droll).


via eBay Official Announcement

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