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eBay Adds Video Listings

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The antics of eBay sellers around the world have become the stuff of IT legend, so imagine what will happen now video listings have been introduced...?!

This - potentially helpful/potentially dubious - addition will mean that eBay's 15m UK customers, who traditionally rely on dodgy static images and meandering descriptions/product life histories will now be able to watch dodgy moving images and listen to meandering descriptions/product life histories.

Interestingly however eBay will not be integrating this new feature into its site directly, but rather outsourcing to third parties (Paypal-styley) which will upload and convert webcam/digicam/phone cam videos to the main site for you.

Consequently, eBay is also jointly announcing 'Vzaar' - a site developed by a wide array of senior ex-eBay execs. To insert video into listings, users simply film their item using whatever medium, sign in at vzaar.com using their eBay details, upload the video and insert it into a listing with one click of a button.

Anticipation and trepidation awaits. Go check delights/horrors at the link below…


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