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DriveClub servers: “We had confidence everything was ready” says dev

Sam Loveridge



Following DriveClub server issues post-launch, Evolution devs have come out to say “we had confidence everything was ready”.

The DriveClub launch earlier this month saw its developers Evolution struggle with huge server issues that saw gamers unable to get online.

The unique online features of DriveClub are the main appeal of the game and when gamers were unable to access them, there was unsurprisingly a little confusion on the part of gamers.

The issues started before the UK release and subsequently caused the delay of the free PlayStation Plus Edition.

Now, DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has come out to say the developer had complete confidence in the game’s extensive pre-launch tests.

“We ran a beta test and none of these issues occurred,” said Rustchynsky on Twitter. “We had confidence everything was read. These issues were unexpected.”

“We did run large scale synthetic load tests with tens of thousands of concurrent users and the tests were successful.”

Some gamers are demanding compensation from Evolution and Sony because of the server issues that limited their enjoyment of the game.

This compensation is something the Evolution isn’t ruling out at this stage.

“We’re considering all of our options right now,” said Rustchynsky in response to one gamer’s questions about getting compensation or some free DLC.

Evolution pushed a server update live on Friday, which helped increased the amount of gamers able to connect to DriveClub’s online features.

However, a host of features still remain offline, including challenges and social updates. You can access clubs, online racing and leaderboards if you manage to get online.

There are more server tests coming up over the next couple of dates, which will temporarily affect server access for all DriveClub gamers.

“We’re still working flat-out to fix the online problems. Sorry for the wait,” added Rustchynsky.

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October 13, 2014, 2:57 pm

Been a bit of a disaster from start to finish, sadly. A year late and now this debacle. Trying to say they did all the testing needed just says that the testing was plane wrong! To me the game simply isn't finished. Even without the server issues, there are lots of gaps - no replays, no varing weather conditions, to name just a couple. Not many cars included as standard (compared to most games).

Single player is REALLY short, nearly finished it in a couple of days play and it is pretty easy - there are no difficulty levels to encourage replay. Maybe if the leaderboards every come online that might help.

They seem to have spent loads of time building an engine with can display fancy vista's and flyby's (which look great), but do little for the gameplay of a racing game. I have enjoyed the racing itself and the handling, whilst very arcady, is good fun. The game just seems to have lost it's way somewhere in the development, which is such a shame.

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