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Drift HD Ghost action cam takes on GoPro


Drift HD Ghost

Drift Innovation has unveiled the HD Ghost, a new action camera that it calls its “most exciting product ever”.

The Drift HD Ghost shares a similar outward shape to previous Drift action cameras, but incorporates a number of new features designed to help separate it from rival models like the GoPro Hero3 announced a few weeks ago.

Perhaps the most interesting of these is its “Active Status” two-way remote feature. This consists of an on/off remote control that can be worn on the user’s wrist, and uses different coloured LEDs to tell him or her the status of the Drift HD Ghost – whether it’s filming or not, and if so which mode it’s filming in. It works to a range of around 30 feet and can be used to take still photos as well as video.

Built-in Wi-Fi and an accompanying app (first for iOS and later Android) allows the user to transfer footage to a tablet or smartphone, but also to change settings, remotely view through the lens and capture footage and still photos.

There’s also a “Flashbak” tag/loop mode which is constantly recording and allows the user to rewind and record up to five minutes – a little like “live pause” on a PVR.

Then there’s a 2-inch Gorilla Glass screen, a battery that delivers three hours of recording per charge (which Drift says is the best on the market), an upgraded lens design, waterproofing to three metres (60m with an additional housing).

The Drift HD Ghost is available for pre-order now here, priced at £299.99. It’s expected to start shipping in mid-November.

Does the Ghost offer much over a GoPro or other action cam? Let us know in the comments below.

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November 22, 2012, 7:10 pm

It looks like the GoPro is bestfor picture quality but the Drift HD ghost has it for usage. It has a better shape with screen and remote and now has what I most wanted, tagging. As a motorcyclist it will be the most useful feature in recording an incident if and when it happens rather than the card being full hen it is needed.
Can this be run continuously off the vehicle power?

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