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Download Windows 8 Now With 90-day Trial


Windows 8 Screenshot
Windows 8 Screenshot

Windows 8 may only be a few months away now but if you can't hold on to give the final version a go then you're in luck. Microsoft has made available for download a 90-day trial version of the full release version of Windows 8.

Its intended use is for developers and other IT professionals to check software compatibility or generally evaluate the product before taking the plunge upon final release. But in fact anyone can give it a go. No specific membership is required, beyond having a Microsoft email account (outlook.com, hotmail) - just head to the website, fill in a few basic details and download it.

The software comes in the form of an ISO for you to burn to a CD or load onto a flash drive. Installation then proceeds just as it would from a normal disc purchased from a shop.

Once the 90-day trial is up, the software will become unusable so you will need to revert back to a previous installation or install another fully licensed version - you can't upgrade from this trial to a full version. You must also activate the software within 10 days of installing it.

The version on offer is the full-fat Windows 8 Enterprise edition, which includes multiple language support as well as all the high level secure business extras that companies require, and both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available.

Minimum specifications are:

1GHz processor

1GB of RAM for a 32-bit machine, 2GB for 64-bit

20GB of hard disk space

DirectX 9 graphics card

You can pick up your copy via the link below:


Via: Pocket-link.com

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