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Does the HTC One X Have a Design Flaw?

Andrew Williams



The One series is HTC's great Android hope for 2012. But its flagship model, the HTC One X, may have a significant design flaw. Screen distortion threatens this Android phone's position as one of the few phones that can challenge the iPhone 5 this year.

At review, we found the HTC One X has the "best screen currently available on a phone", but elsewhere a somewhat serious flaw has been found in its display design. CNET writes that applying pressure to the edge of the display causes a rippling effect that distorts the screen image. It's something we noted recently in the Toshiba AT200, and isn't something that feels at home in a top-end £500-plus device.


HTC has responded to these reports, saying that such a problem "would never be allowed to slip", and suggested that it features in pre-retail units - such as those sent out for review purposes. If you have an HTC One X and have noticed any of these screen issues, drop us a comment below.

In other news, there have also been reports of the HTC One S finish flaking off, although HTC claims it has been rigorously tested and should offer ceramic-like toughness. The question is - are these issues just HTC-bashing, and within the normal threshold of niggles buyers should learn to accept? Or does HTC have a problem on its hands?

The HTC One X is available now, selling for around £479.99 SIM-free and you can snag one for free on contracts in the £35 a month area.

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Luan Bach

April 12, 2012, 5:09 pm

As always the watch words are "don't be an early adapter" aka "beta testers"

Lyndon Gray

April 12, 2012, 6:00 pm

I've had my htc one X for a few days now and so far I have the following issues:
1) graphics banding on google maps when scrolling around.
2) charging issues. Although the phone was showing as charging, after 4 hours it was still showing as charging. Took the cable out and it had not charged at all. Carried out a soft reset. Seems Ok at the moment but the Jury's out on this one.
3) I was transferring over some music via drag and drop and half way through, the phone crashed.
4) For some reason, the developer menu was on and debugging mode selected. Not sure why this was on at all on a new phone !!

I'll keep you posted if I have any more, though I can't say I have the screen issue you talked about in your main story.


April 12, 2012, 8:04 pm

I can confirm it exists.

Planning on getting one, so after reading this i went into Carphone Warehouse today and played with their display one.

In order to replicate it, you need to press FIRMLY on the middle left of the screen, it sends small purple ripples over the screen.

I should stress you have to intentionally try to cause it, you have to press on the very edge of the device... simply put it's probably why Lyndon Gray hasn't had the issue, you simply wouldn't cause it in general use because you don't ever press hard on the edge of a screen.

I mentioned to a staff member what you said in the article, about as its probably a display/review model.

He went and checked and said it does exist on the models being sold to customers, albiet its a lot more noticeable on the grey device than the white one.

I will still be getting one on Monday, as i got a cracking upgrade, phone only cost £50 for a upgrade on £22 a month, and T-Mobile will give me £68 for my old phone.. can't go wrong looking forward to it.


April 12, 2012, 8:08 pm

Thanks for the insight, Kieran and Lyndon.

Lyndon - at least they all sound like patchable software problems, eh!


April 19, 2012, 2:19 am

Mine arrived today,

I got the White one,

Unlike the display models i played with it, doesnt have the ripple thing at all, completly flawless.

However it does get incredibly hot, when playing some games, and general use its warm.

My experiences so far from actually owning it, and not using the display model, seems the person i asked was wrong, the retail versions dont have the ripple problem, especially when i knew to look for it and how to cause it.

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