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Does Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 finally have a launch date?


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We might finally have a date for Samsung’s next major smartphone launch – and it’s later than expected.

After last year’s fiery Galaxy Note 7 recall debacle, Samsung is under plenty of pressure to make sure the next Galaxy Note phone is up to scratch. We’ve known the handset will be launching in 2017 for quite some time – thanks to official confirmation from Samsung – but we may now have an inkling towards a specific release date.

According to local Korean news outlet Naver, South Korean tech giant Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Note 8 on August 26. The report cites an unnamed Samsung Electronics insider as the source for the revelation, and claims that the device will be revealed during a dedicated ‘Samsung Unpacked’ event held in New York.

That’s a slight surprise, given that last year’s Galaxy Note 7 received a very early August 2 launch, which is more than three weeks before this newly alleged release date. It’s also in contrast to a recent leak that suggested the phone would launch at Berlin’s IFA tradeshow at the start of September. However, it means that the Galaxy Note 8 would still be launching before the expected iPhone 8 release date, which is expected to take place in mid-September.

It’s not clear why Samsung may be opting for a later date; perhaps the company is going to lengths to ensure the phone is completely safe. Alternatively, Samsung may be taking more time to source adequate hardware upgrades. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has received widespread critical acclaim, so finding ways to improve on that phone may be difficult.

According to the new report, Samsung plans to kit the Galaxy Note 8 out with a dual-camera module, which is a feature missed on the Galaxy S8. Using dual cameras is increasingly popular, with recent flagships like the iPhone 7 Plus, the LG G6, and the Huawei P10 all featuring the tech. It’s also expected that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display, and a repositioned fingerprint sensor that now sits in the middle of the phone, rather than to the side of the camera – a commonly cited inconvenience amongst grubby-fingered reviewers.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to verify the information contained in this new report, so take it with due caution. We won’t know the truth of the matter until we see an official announcement from Samsung.

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