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Is the DJI Osmo Mobile the ultimate smartphone video accessory?


Osmo Mobile

DJI has launched the ultimate selfie stick at IFA 2016, the self-stabilising Osmo Mobile.

To call it a selfie stick is actually disservice; the Osmo Mobile is a technically advanced piece of kit that’ll turn your smartphone into your new favourite video capture device.

It’s a combination of two pre-existing DJI products, the Osmo stabilised camera and the DJI GO mobile app. Instead of controlling a separate camera through the app, your smartphone becomes the capture device. The Osmo mount controls the camera via Bluetooth, with several buttons mounted conveniently around the grip giving you access to all the functions you’ll need.

DJI Osmo Mobile

The trigger can be used to switch between shooting modes and between your phone’s front and rear cameras, while image-specific settings are accessed through your phone, within the app. This means you’ll need to know what settings you’ll want before you start shooting.

Check out our video demonstration of the Osmo Mobile below:

The biggest feature here, of course, is the stabilisation tech. DJI says the gimbal is precise to within 0.03 degrees, which should result in ultra-smooth, professional-looking shots. It’s the same technology that’s used on DJI’s headliner Phantom 4 drone, which is a seal of approval in itself. The only limitation now is the quality of your phone’s video capabilities.

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The app itself has some handy extra features, including the ActiveTrack technology already found on DJI’s Phantom drones and Osmo camera. This allows you to highlight an area on screen and have the Osmo Mobile focus on it, even while the camera is moving. This means you don’t have to worry about rotating the camera yourself when shooting moving subjects, such as a skateboarder or a pet.

There’s also an automatic panorama mode that rotates the camera automatically to create a super smooth and wide-angle stitched image. Plus, there's a timelapse mode that slowly pans between points you set to make nice-looking transitional shots.

Battery life is rated at 4.5 hours, which DJI reckons is longer than most smartphones will manage when connected to the Osmo Mobile.

The Osmo Mobile goes on sale today for £289. It’s expensive, but with that you get the most fully-featured smartphone stabiliser on the market today.

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Are you tempted by the Osmo Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.


September 6, 2016, 3:21 pm

Can this be used with all camera apps on the smartphone or just with the DJIgo? Will it stabilize with the default camera apps which are known to provide the best quality?

Michael Passingham

September 6, 2016, 4:33 pm

Hi Plumbi, that's a great question. I'll get in touch with DJI and find out for you.


September 6, 2016, 6:43 pm

Please provide the anwser here. It's known that the LG V10 has excellent video capabilities and most of the features work only on the default LG app. With a cost of $300 it should allow every one to work. The description on DJI site is a bit enigmatic and states only DJI app and Bluetooth.

Can't wait for the answer. Thanks.

Michael Passingham

September 7, 2016, 9:02 am

In short: yes. It'll provide all the stabilisation features no matter which app you're using.

This is what they said:

you can use other app or just fb for instance but you will not be able
to use all functions that dji go has (time lapse, active track etc).

Osmo Mobile is also compatible with Filmic."

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