Dishonored 3 wishlist: What we want to see

Arkane Studios has done fantastic things with Dishonored, producing a stellar sequel and equally excellent expansion in Death of the Outsider last year. Now, we’re all wondering when Dishonored 3 will emerge from the shadows.

Whenever that may be, there are already plenty of things we’d love to see. Trusted Reviews has compiled all the latest news, rumours and more for the potential sequel.

What is Dishonored 3?

Bethesda and Arkane Studios are yet to officially unveil or discuss anything regarding Dishonored 3, although it’s something we’d love to see revealed in the coming months. Chances are it’ll once again be a first-person stealth adventure with exploration and player-choice at the forefront.

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Dishonored 3 release date – when’s it coming out?

As Death of the Outsider only arrived last year, we don’t expect a Dishonored 3 release date anytime soon.

That being said, the window of time between Dishonored: Death of the Outsider’s announcement and release was only a few months, so we could see it sooner rather than later.

Dishonored 3 wishlist – what we’d love to see

A streamlined set of powers

Death of the Outsider gave a limited number of powers to experiment with across its campaign, meaning players needed to use everything in the arsenal to successfully dispatch enemies or sneak by unnoticed. Dishonored 3 should take a similar approach, or perhaps provide us with multiple protagonists, each wielding unique powers.

Not only would this provide the narrative with more depth and character, it’d also give players a selection of heroes to choose from and make their own. Ironically, Arkane’s streamlining of the power variety provided the meta-game with far more depth than ever before.

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A whole new city

Dunwall and Karnaca have been explored several times now, meaning it’s time to introduce a new playground for us to wreak havoc in. The world of Dishonored has a stupendous amount of potential, establishing an entire world it has only explored a fraction of thus far.

We’d love to venture into a part of Dishonored’s mythos that isn’t dominated by deadly diseases and whale oil. Perhaps a more idyllic society where corruption lies ready and waiting in the underworld just waiting to be infiltrated? Sounds like a perfect opportunity for stealth, too.

Deeper relationships with characters

Death of the Outsider and Dishonored 2 saw you frequently returning to a hub world of sorts that would change with each passing day. Characters would have new things to say while the environment changed to reflect major plot points.

The personalities were also one of a kind, although our interaction with them was relatively limited. We could have missions explained to us in a generic manner but could never delve into the lives of people shaping the world around us. How about a dialogue system with conversation options drawn from the items and literature found in Dishonored 3’s world. It’d absorb us further in an already immersive setting.

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A new heroic duo

Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano were a force to be reckoned with, although it feels like their story came to a satisfactory end in Dishonored 2. The third game could introduce an entirely new cast of characters including new protagonists. Perhaps a couple of stealthy twins forced to work together to overthrow their corrupt family?

The possibilities are endless, and a new pairing may give the player ample narrative options alongside a selection of unique powers to be unlocked and upgraded.

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