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Destiny 2 release date delayed before announcement?

Sam Loveridge


Destiny: The Taken King

A new report suggests that the Destiny 2 release date has been delayed, even before the game has been announced.

According to a new report, the plan was for Bungie and publisher Activision to release Destiny's successor in September this year.

However, that same report also claims that this pencilled in release date has been scrubbed out.

It also suggests that that the original roadmap for the game wanted Destiny 2 out as early as September 2015 – just a year after the original game's launch.

This information comes courtesy of Kotaku citing "people familiar with familiar with the goings-on at the studio".

The plan was to do annualised releases that would swap between major full game releases and hefty expansions packs. Something, however, has now changed that plan.

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It seems, according to the sources, that Bungie's plans for the game's future are constantly in flux, especially since the game's DLC pack launches.

The game was actually rebooted in the summer of 2013 – before launch – when the studio rewrote the story and overhauled everything that had been done so far.

Then The Dark Below EP came along, followed by The House of Wolves story, and then The Taken King changed things all over again.

However, apparently even The Taken King was redrafted several times, with several features removed including a new raid, before it was released.

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