Destiny 2 latest news: All the info from this week’s reset

Destiny 2 is Activision’s popular multiplayer sci-fi shooter. With constant updates, new content and Raids for players to tackle, there’s always plenty of worthwhile news, updates, and DLC expansions to follow. You’ve also got weekly visits from Xur and regular patch notes that oftentimes have big ramifications.

Trusted Reviews has compiled all the latest news on Destiny 2 including recent announcements, expansions, updates and more.

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Destiny 2 weekly reset – What’s happening this week?

Bungie has detailed the weekly reset for Destiny 2 across PS4, Xbox One and PC. Iron Banner has been re-introduced with 6v6 Crucible Battles, a features fans have been requesting for a good while now.

New Milestones have also been introduced in the form of refreshed Nightfall Strikes and the following challenges: ‘Unbroken’ and ‘Trash the Thresher.’ This week’s Flashpoint can be found on the planet of Io where you’ll be able to uncover a variety of rare treasures.

Those looking for a massive challenge will be pleased to discover that this week’s Leviathan Raid task is The Gauntlet, something only the most hardcore of Guardians will be able to master.

Destiny 2 DLC – When is the next expansion coming?

Bungie has announced the next expansion coming to Destiny 2: Warmind. No further details have been revealed, although the beans will be spilled during a stream on April 24. You can check it out here.

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An updated development roadmap has also been released by Bungie which highlights its plans for the coming months. Be aware, these are currently subject to change.

Destiny 2 news and patch notes – what’s the latest from Bungie

The latest major update for Destiny 2 is a big one. Described by Bungie as the ‘Go Fast’ update, it adds a variety of new features to the core experience while expanding aspects of strikes, crucible, and other aspects.

Strikes now present players with specific loot, providing them an incentive to replay them and reducing the potential of repetitious rewards. However, this can only be acquired through weekly Nightfall Strikes, which already provide a hefty challenge.

One such new weapon is the Silicon Neuroma, which can currently be gained by completing the Nightfall variant of Pyramidion. Exotic repetition has also been reduced as part of the new update, fixing a problem we’ve had with Destiny 2 since launch.

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Dawnblades are infinitely more badass with this new update, with class-specific abilities related to the weapon also receiving changes bringing them closer to their vanilla renditions. The Titan Dash is back while the Warlock Glide is far more effective than ever before.

Iron Banner has returned to 6v6 like it was in the original Destiny, which will likely make matches far more manic and fast-paced. Power ammo drops have also been made more frequent if you’re a fan of firing away heavy weapons.

The new update has plenty more on offer, and you can find them all through Bungie’s official patch notes.

Destiny 2 PC specs – What will I need?

Bungie’s sci-fi shooter is now available on PC and the studio has released the official system requirements needed for running it on your rig. We’ve compiled them all below:

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Destiny 2 Xur – What has he got this week?

Xur is a mysterious merchant who always offers a variety of exotic weapons and armour. His selection and location changes on a weekly basis so we’ll be updating this page with everything he has for players to purchase.

He is yet to appear this week, but we’ll be sure to update this page once he emerges!

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