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Dell Streak Pro Coming Next Month

David Gilbert


Dell Streak Pro Specs Revealed

Little had been known about the 10.1in Android tablet from Dell but it now appears that it is going to be exactly like most other 10.1in Android tablets we’ve seen so far.

Known previously as the Dell Streak 10, the tablet will be known as the Dell Streak Pro when it goes on sale next month. It had been rumoured that the Streak Pro would ship with Nvidia’s 3D-capable Tegra T25 processor running at 1.2GHz, which would have given it a serious advantage over other similar tablets. Sadly it seems not to be the case, as sources have told German site Tweakers that the Streak Pro will ship with the Nvidia Tegra T20 processor running at 1GHz. Other specs uncovered about the 10.1in tablet include the device shipping with 1GB of DDR2 memory and coming in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions (along with an SDHC memory card slot).

Dell Streak Pro

The Streak Pro will go on sale next month and will come with Honeycomb out-of-the-box which will please those disappointed when the Streak 7 went on sale last month running the old FroYo flavour of Android. The Streak Pro will measure 261x176.4x12.9 mm, weigh-in at 720g and is expected to have a 10.1in 1280x800 resolution display. There will be front and rear cameras and, in true Dell fashion, a choice of red, blue, pink or black skins for the Streak Pro will be available to cover the brushed aluminium chassis. Pricing for the tablet has yet to be announced but hopefully Dell will keep the price down and make it more competitive than some of its rivals. The Streak Pro will come with a range of accessories including a “productivity dock”; a folding cover with an integrated keyboard and an in-car charger.

Hopefully Dell will have sorted out the poor battery performance we have seen blighting the Streak 7, otherwise the Streak Pro will disappear into the sea of nondescript Android tablets we are currently drowning in.

Source: Tweakers


May 20, 2011, 1:23 am

Can someone please give me a bucket, the next time I hear 'tablet' I am going to throw up.

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